COE344: Computer Networks - Spring 2014 (T132)

Lecture: Sun/Tue | 11:00 - 12:15 | 59/2018
Instructor: Ahmad Almulhem
Office: 22/407-2
Email: ahmadsm at kfupm
Office Hours: 9:00-10:00 (UT) and by appointment (email me)


TCP/IP top-down approach. Introduction to computer networks. Application layer design issues and protocols. Transport layer design issues, protocols and congestion control mechanisms. Socket programming. Analysis of the Network layer design issues, and internetworking. MAC layer design issues and protocols. Multimedia network applications are explored.
Note: This course cannot be taken for credit with ICS 342.


COE 241, STAT 319


James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross, Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 6th Edition, Addison Wesley, 2012.


Letter grades are assigned according to the following table:

Letter GradeA+AB+BC+CD+DF


Tentative Schedule

WK Title Topics
1 Introduction
(Chapter 1)
What is the Internet, What is a protocol?
Network Edge, Network Core, and Network Access & Physical Media
Delay and Loss in Packet-Switched Networks
Protocol Layers and Their Service Models
Internet Backbones, NAPs and ISPs
Brief History of Computer Networking and the Internet
2 Application Layer
(Chapter 2)
Principles of Application Layer Protocols
The World Wide Web: HTTP
File Transfer: FTP
3 Electronic Mail in the Internet
The Internet's Directory Service: DNS
4 P2P File Sharing
5 Transport Layer
(Chapter 3)
Transport-Layer Services and Principles
Multiplexing and Demultiplexing Applications
6 Connectionless Transport: UDP
Principles of Reliable of Data Transfer: TCP case study
7 Principles of Congestion Control
8 Network Layer
(Chapter 4)
Introduction and Network Service Models
What is Inside a Router?
IP: the Internet Protocol
9 Routing Algorithms
Hierarchical Routing
Routing in the Internet
10 Link Layer
(Chapter 5)
Link Layer: Introduction & Services
Multiple Access Protocols and LANs
11 LAN Addresses and ARP
Hubs, Bridges and Switches
12 PPP: the Point-to-Point Protocol
Link Virtualization: ATM
13 Wireless and Mobile Networks
(Chapter 6)
Wireless Links & Network Characteristics, CDMA
Wireless LANs: IEEE 802.11
WPAN & Bluetooth
Mobile networking (introduction)
14 Multimedia Networking
(Chapter 7)
Multimedia Networking Applications
Streaming Stored Audio and Video
15 Making the Best of the Best-Effort Service: An Internet Phone Example
Protocols for Real-Time Interactive applications