COE589: Digital Forensics - Spring 2015 (142)

Lecture: Sunday/Tuesday | 18:30-19:45 | 24/133
Instructor: Ahmad Almulhem
Office: 22/407-2
Email: ahmadsm at kfupm
Office Hours: TBA and by appointment (email me)

Course Description

COE589 is a research-oriented graduate course in digital forensics. It aims to provide an extensive background suitable for those interested in conducting research in this area, as well as for those interested to learn about digital forensics in general. The course focuses on the technical issues and open problems in the area. Topics include fundamentals of digital forensics; digital forensics models, multimedia forensics; OS artifacts forensics; file carving; live and memory forensics; network forensics; mobile devices forensics; current tools and their limitations; legal and ethical issues.

Learning Goals



Graduate standing. A student is expected to have basic knowledge in operating systems, computer architecture and programming.


There is no required textbook. Topics are based on selected readings/papers.


Two criteria are used to distinguish exceptional achievement from poor performance:


A note on ethics: Techniques and tools discussed in class are strictly for educational purpose. DO NOT try them on a system/data that you don't own or for which you don't have permission. Otherwise, you might get yourself in serious legal consequences.