ICS103: Computer Programming in C - Spring 2014 (T132)

Lecture: Sec 4: UT | 8:00-850 | 24/162 - Sec 9: UT | 13:10-1400 | 59/1010
Instructor: Ahmad Almulhem
Office: 22/407-2
Email: ahmadsm at kfupm
Office Hours: 9:00-10:00 (UT) and by appointment (email me)


verview of computer hardware and software; Programming in C with emphasis on modular and structured programming technique; Problem solving and algorithm development; Simple engineering and scientific problems. Note: ICS 103 cannot be taken by ICS/SWE/COE students.


Problem Solving and Program Design in C, 6/e, by Jeri R. Hanly & Elliot B. Koffman. Addison Wesley, 2009.