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Dr. Mansour A. Aldajani

Associate Professor – Systems Engineering

Director, Information Technology Center


Resume’       March 2011   


1. Education


1989 - 1994     King Fahd University              Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

B.S. in Systems Engineering

n  First honors

n  Senior project: “Design of a Computer Telephony System with Programmable Functionalities.”

n  Senior project received some national prizes.

1995 - 1997     King Fahd University              Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

M.S.  in Systems Engineering

n  First honors

n  M.S. Topic: “Optimal Control of Nonlinear Plants Using Neural Networks.”

n  Courses in: Signal processing, Controls, Operation research, Production control, and Optimization.

1997 - 2001     University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

n  Many courses in: Wireless Communication, DSP, Radar Detection & Estimation, Speech and Image processing, Adaptive Filtering, Stochastic Systems, Linear and Nonlinear Optimization.

n  Ph.D. Thesis: “Oversampled Data Conversion and Coding with Application to Power Control in CDMA Wireless Systems.”

n  Graduated in Sep. 28, 2001.

2. Awards received


1.                  Prince Mohammed ben Fahd prize for the best research project, 1994.

2.                  Best national creative scientific project, 1994

3.                  First honors prize in B.S., 1994

4.                  Academic Support Activities Prize, KFUPM, 1995.

5.                  First honors prize in M.S., 1996.

6.                  SE Department prize for best graduate student, 1996

7.                  Innovation Award, KFUPM, 2007

8.                  Three US patents in ICT, 2006-2008

9.                  Two Innovation Awards, KFUPM, 2009.


3. Work experience


Jan. 2011-Now             King Fahd University Dhahran, Saudi Arabia                                                                       Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Director, Information Technology Center

Sep. 2006 – Jan. 2011  King Fahd University Dhahran, Saudi Arabia                        Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Director, Center for Communications and Information Technology Research

Director (A), Center for Economics and Management Systems

n  Research Institute

2001- Sep. 2006 King Fahd University                        Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Assistant Professor

·        Systems Engineering Department

Summer 2004  Saudi Aramco                         Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Full time consultant

·        Project: GSM-Based Wireless Plant Data Communication

1994-1997       King Fahd University              Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Graduate Assistant

·        Teaching assistance

Summer 1993  Saudi Aramco                         Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Project Engineering Department

·        Project: Instrumentation Equipment Upgrade



4. Experties


1.      Business

IT Service Management, Business Process Management, Strategic Planning, Change Management, ERP, Project Management, Optimization.

2.      Communications:

a.      GSM, 3G & 4G

b.      Mobile-based Systems

c.       Smart Transportation Systems and AVL

d.      Telephony Systems

3.      Computers and IT:

a.      Data-Base (Oracle and Access)

b.      Industrial Computer Networks


5. Research fields of Interests



1.      Communications Systems :

a.      Network Planning and Optimization

b.      OFDM and CDMA

c.       Power Control in Wireless Systems

d.      Adaptive Source Coding

2.      Digital Signal Processing :

e.      Adaptive Filtering and Equalization

f.        Speech compression and modulation.

g.      High resolution (Sigma-Delta) Data Conversion

h.      Soft-sensing and Instrumentations

3.      Digital and Optimal Control

4.      Artificial Neural Networks and their Applications

5.      Systems Engineering and Management

6. Professional Memberships


1.      Board Member and Secretary, Saudi Society for Technology Development & Transfer (SSTDT), Since Mar. 2009

2.      Member, Institute of Electronics & Electrical Engineering (IEEE) since 1994

3.      Member, International Council on Systems Engineering (ICOSE)

4.      Member, Saudi Computer Society

5.      Member, Saudi Health Informatics Society

7. Patents


  1. “Adaptive Sigma-delta modulation with Improved Dynamic Range,”  US Patent No. US 7073113, July 4, 2006.
  2. “Adaptive Multi-bit Delta and Sigma-Delta Modulation,” US patent No. US 7391350, June 24, 2008.
  3. “Reducing Power Control Errors in Wireless Communication Systems,” US Patent No. US 7415285 B2, Aug. 19, 2008.
  4. “Solving the supply-demand problems using the concept of charged-particles interaction,” Patent Allowed, Serial No. US 12/216,517, 23/7/2008.

8. Journal Reviewer

1.      IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology

2.      IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II

3.      IEEE Transactions on Communication

4.      IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I


9. research Projects

1.      mReserve™ : Mobile-based oracle reservation system for airlines and carriers, 2008-2009.

2.      SALAMAT™: “Automated Blood Pressure and Sugar Monitoring System with GSM Communication,” KACS funded project, Principal Investigator, 2003-2005

3.      Network Planning and Optimization, KACST funded project, Principal Investigator, 2007-2009.

4.      MapIT™: Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) based on GSM, 2004-2008.

5.      Zakah™ : First data-base-based software for zakah calculation., 2005.

6.      Zakawat™ : First enterprise solution for zakah calculation, collection, and distribution (algorithms and software package built on both Oracle and MS Access databases), 2004.

7.      Masaif™: Web site for Saudi summer tourism, 2005.

8.      GSM-Based Plant Wireless Data Communication, Project for Saudi Aramco, Summer 2004.

9.      Soft-sensing Solution for Industrial Emission Detection, Supported by SABIC, 2004-2005.

10.  Easytalk™: Glove-based speech synthesis and generation, The Research Institute, 2008.

11.  Measurement of e-Government Transformation in Government Agencies - Ministry of Communication and IT - Project Manager.

12.  Developing the Academic Program - Dar Al-Uloom University - Project Manager.

13.  Developing Applications on Mobile and PDA Devices – King Fahd Complex for Printing the Holy Quran - Project Manager.


1.      Director, Information Technology Center,  Jan 2011 - Now

2.      Director, Center for Communications and IT Research, Research Institute, KFUPM, 2006-Jan 2011

3.      Acting Director, Center for Economics and Management Systems, Research Institute, KFUPM, 2006- Jan 2011

4.      Established the e-Business Unit

5.      Market for and signed multi-million contracted projects

6.      Facilitated partnership agreements with major international and national institutions

7.      Chaired and participated in many administrative committees at KFUPM, e.g.

a.      The research committee

b.      The bids & tenders committee

c.       The planning Committee

d.      The e-Government Committee

e.      The housing committee

f.        Re-admissions committee

g.      Business process improvement of the research purchasing system at KFUPM

h.      Development of marketing strategy for the applied research at KFUPM

i.        Improving the research costing system at KFUPM

j.        Improving the performance evaluation system for researchers at KFUPM

k.       Research strategy and structure at KFUPM

l.        Performance monitoring of the Research Institute

m.    The Research Institute Council

n.      The Research Institute Personnel Committee

o.      The Research Institute Procedure and Planning Committee

8.      Organized various workshops in the area of ICT



11. Training Courses & Seminars


1.      IT Project Management Training Course, TCQ, Dubai, UAE, Nov. 2006.

2.      Research Management Training Workshop, SRI, Khubar, Saudi Arabia, Dec. 2007.

3.      Pursuing Excellence, Tom Peters, 4 Nov. 2009.

4.      Research Team Leadership Training Workshop, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, 15-16 Nov. 2009.



12. personal interests


1.      Sports: Swimming, Football, Squash, Tennis.

2.      Readings: Management, Science, and Arabic History.

3.      Software Development in .NET

4.      Space exploration





13.1 Journal Publications



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13.2 Conference Publication



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