COE 202 - Digital Logic Design (3-0-3)
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Introduction to Computer Engineering. Digital Circuits. Boolean algebra and switching theory. Manipulation and minimization of Boolean functions. Combinational circuits analysis and design, multiplexers, decoders and adders. Sequential circuit analysis and design, basic flip-flops, clocking and edge-triggering, registers, counters, timing sequences, state assignment and reduction techniques. Register transfer level operations. Machine-level programming.


Text Book

 Morris Mano and Charles Kime, “Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals”, Prentice-Hall, Second Edition, 2000




COE 202-Syllabus

Class Location & Timing
14-102 - UT - 7:00 - 8:15 am

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22-400 Tel: 2217
14-254 Tel: 3900

Office Hours
U.T.:8:15AM-9:00AM (or by e-mail appointment)




 - Handout 1 (Solutions to Text Book Problems 2.30-2.35)


 - Quiz 1(pdf)(Solution)

 - Assignment 1 (pdf)

 - Assignment 2 (pdf)

 - Assignment 3 (pdf)

 - Assignment 4 (pdf)

 - Assignment 5 (pdf)

 - Assignment 6 (pdf)




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