Funded Projects

  1. Aiman El-Maleh and Sadiq M. Sait. "Efficient Test Relaxation-Based Static Test Compaction Techniques for Combinational and Sequential Circuits". Co-Investigator of KFUPM Research Committee sponsored. Proposal accepted, August 2004, Two year Project, IP. Budget: SR 75,000/-.
  2. Ifthikhar Nadeem and Sadiq M. Sait. "ERP Consultancy Services Contract", Al-Hoty Stanger Limited Company, November 2003 - June 2004.
  3. Sadiq M. Sait. Co-investigator. (with Dr. A. R. Naseer, Dr. AbdulWaheed). "Design and Implementation of a Reconfigurable Network Interface", Three Year KACST Proposal, Budget requested: SR 667,100/- (Submitted)
  4. Sadiq M. Sait. Co-investigator. (with Dr. A. R. Naseer, Dr. AbdulWaheed). "Design of a Programmable Network Interface for Configurable Networking Environments". Submitted to Research Institute, Budget requested: SR 75,000/-.
  5. Sadiq M. Sait, Abdul Waheed, and Mahmood R. Minhas. "Parallelization of Iterative Heuristics for Low Power VLSI Standard Cell Placement'. Principal Investigator of KFUPM Research Committee sponsored. (Completed March 2006).
  6. Alaeldin Amin, Sadiq M. Sait, Khalid Al-Utaibi, Salman A. Khan, Masud-ul-Hasan, Syed Sanaullah, "COE 200 Online course: Fundamentals of Computer Engineering". Completed February 2004.
  7. Sadiq M. Sait, H. Youssef and Aiman El-Maleh. `Iterative Heuristics for Timing & Low Power VLSI Standard Cell Placement'. Principal Investigator of KFUPM Research Committee sponsored. Budget: SR 150,800/-. Proposal accepted, to begin in January 2001.
  8. Sadiq M. Sait, Khalid Al-Tawil and Mr. Shahid Ali. Use and Effect of Internet in Saudi Arabia. Two year Project. Proposal Accepted in November 1999. Budget: SR.486,500/-.
  9. Sadiq M. Sait and H. Youssef. General Iterative Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization. One year Book Project, KFUPM Research Committee. Project Budget: SR 167,600/- (US$ 44,700/-). (Investigator, Status: Proposal accepted by IEEE Computer Society Press, California. Contracts signed with publisher in May 1996. Completed in December 1999).
  10. Abdallah Al-Sukairi, Sadiq M. Sait and N. Darwish. Electronic Publishing of The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering. One year Project. Proposal Submitted in January 1997. Requested Budget: SR 226,400/- (US$ 60,375/-). (Co-Investigator, Status: Work completed, awaiting approval of the AJSE board).
  11. H. Cam, Sadiq M. Sait, H. Youssef, and M. S. T. Benten. Adaptive Data-Control Driven Reconfigurable Processor Arrays. Three year KFUPM Project. # COE/ARRAYS/177, Budget: SR 647,200/- (US$ 172,600/-). (Co-Investigator, Status: In Progress, one progress report submitted in June 1996).
  12. H. Youssef, Sadiq M. Sait, and M. S. T. Benten. Analysis and Physical Design Tools for Solving Timing Problems in VLSI Design. Two year KFUPM Project. # COE/VLSI DESIGN/162, Project Budget: SR 438,500/- (US$ 117,000/-). (Co-Investigator, Status: Final Report submitted in July 1996).
  13. M. S. T. Benten, Sadiq M. Sait, and H. Youssef. Design and Implementation of an Integrated Design Environment for High Level Silicon Compilation. Three year KFUPM Project. Project # COE/DESIGN/145, Budget: SR 407,000/- (US$ 108,500/-). (Co-Investigator, Status: Completed in March 1995).
  14. Sadiq M. Sait and H. Youssef. VLSI Physical Design Automation: Theory and Practice. One year Book Project. Project # COE/VLSI DESIGN/163, Budget: SR 149,800/- (US$ 40,000/-). (Investigator, Status: Completed in December 1994).
  15. Sadiq M. Sait and M. S. T. Benten. An Integrated VLSI Design Automation System for Generating VLSI Layouts. Two and half year KACST Funded Research Project. Project # AR-11/21, Budget: SR 371,500/- (US$ 99,000/-). (Investigator, Status: Completed in December 1993, Final revised report submitted in December 1994).
  16. M. S. T. Benten and Sadiq M. Sait. `Detection and Monitoring of Facsimile Activities in the Saudi Telephone System'. Classified Research Project for PTT, assigned by The Rector of KFUPM, 1992-1993. (Co-Investigator, Status: Completed in December 1993).