COE485: Senior Design Project - Fall 2013 (T131)

Lecture: Wed | 17:20 - 18:10 | 24/146
Instructor: Ahmad Almulhem
Office: 22/407-2
Email: ahmadsm at kfupm
Office Hours:Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed:11:15-12:15 and by appointment (email me)


Various design phases leading to a practical engineering solution. Feasibility study, preparation of specifications, and the methodology for the design. Detailed design and implementation, testing, debugging, and documentation.


Senior Standing


Notes: Marking is based on percentage of completion and correctness of outcomes.

General Remarks

Policies Affecting the Grades

  1. Project Implementation
  2. Work Habits
  3. Project Documentation and Final Report (Week 15)
  4. Final Presentation (Week 14, 15)